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Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand Blue
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand Blue Close Up
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand Green
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand Multi-Colour
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand Multi-Colour
  • Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

Illuminated Freestanding Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

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Our Illuminated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand is the perfect solution to maintain regular hand sanitising and provide protection against COVID-19, as well as many other germs and viruses. The hand sanitiser stand is UK designed & made and is designed to turn heads. The floor standing sanitiser stand is made from a clear acrylic panel, framed by silver aluminium bars with a toughened black plastic base and acrylic top bar.

Illuminated Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand comes single colour illuminated as standard (choose from warm white, cool white, red, orange, green, blue or pink) and can also be upgraded to Digital RBG giving you a full range of colours and effects. The Digital RGB can also be controlled from your phone via an app.

The Sanitiser Dispenser Stand comes with S4b QR code as standard, which can be easily be replaced with your NHS track and trace QR  code, any other QR code or your company logo.

The sanitiser dispenser uses no touch, automatic dispensing technology to keep contact to a minimum. The automatic sanitiser dispenser also controls the amount of sanitiser dispensed, dispensing the perfect amount each time.

Our Illuminated Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Dispensers are ideal for any environment where you are looking to have that extra impact e.g. bars, restaurants, night clubs, theatres, museums and anywhere where the environment allows the illumination to stand out.


  • Fully illuminated freestanding sanitiser dispenser made to stand out and be noticed
  • High quality laser engraved clear acrylic body
  • Premium silver aluminium framework (can be painted on request at an extra cost)
  • Toughened plastic base for added stability
  • Measures 500mm x 500mm at the base and stands 1520mm tall from the floor
  • UK made hand sanitiser stand
  • Touch-free dispenser using infrared technology
  • Delivers 2000+ applications of 70% alcohol hand sanitising product per 400ml can (1500+ shots per 255ml can)
  • Easily-refillable dispenser
  • Fully recyclable aluminium canister, so no plastic harm to our oceans!
  • Custom branding available

Our Illuminated Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Stand comes as standard with 1 x Canister of Hand Sanitiser, 3 x AA batteries and all of the tools and fixings required for easy assembly.

Add your company branding - Simply send us your company logo or QR code and we will engrave it on the unit free of charge, creating your own custom branded hand sanitiser dispenser. Logos must be of good quality and ready to print, otherwise additional charges may be incurred.

For orders of 10+ units or to enquire further please call 01905 779 333 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we’ll be glad to help.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Perfect for any office, hospital, retail or industrial environment – in fact anywhere where staff, suppliers or customers are coming and going – these encourage people to clean their hands, using touch-free technology, upon entry and exit.

We offer a range of dispensers to suit different environments – desktop, wall-mounted or freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers. These can all be placed inside or outside and can be personalised with your branding or any specific messages if required.

Each dispenser is supplied with a canister of 70% alcohol hand sanitiser which is more effective than soap and water. All are easy to assemble and refills are available to order.

Our canister dispenser units are much more cost effective than bulk fed ones. Our units provide over 2000 dispenses per 400ml canister and we can guarantee a constant supply of the refill canisters.

It’s likely that COVID-19 will change our approach to cleanliness forever and hand sanitiser stations will probably become the norm in many environments, helping to minimise the spread of germs between staff, customers and suppliers.

Wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers

These are great for entry and exit points into any type of building or into specific rooms within that building.

Our Covid-19 wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers offer a permanent reminder for all staff and visitors to keep their hands clean and reduce the spread of germs.

Desktop hand sanitiser dispensers

Perfect for users who come into contact with a wide range of visitors, typically those in the health and wellbeing sector, from nurses to manicurists.

Our Coronavirus desktop hand sanitiser dispensers make it quick and easy to maintain cleanliness in between appointments.

Freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers

Great for flexibility, these units are portable and can be moved around to suit the requirement of your organisation.

Our Covid-19 freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers are available in standard and premium formats and can be personalised with your logo or any important messages.

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